A7 Compact Veterinary Anesthesia Machine for Small Animals

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A7 Compact Veterinary Anesthesia Machine for Small Animals
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The Compact A7 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine is made for veterinarians and researchers who work on small animals.


  • 0.1 to 4 oxygen flow meter with rotary float Rotary float and large scale for easy readability
  • Mobile five wheel spider base
  • CO2 absorber designed for easy and fast replenishing of soda lime
  • High precision anesthesia vaporizer
  • With oxygen flow meter to ensure the security of small size animals.
  • Rapid oxygenation function and rapid anesthesia design
  • Professional closed breathing circuit design
  • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation.
  • Quick-connect fresh gas outlet for easy and secure switching between breathing circuits
  • APL automatic pressure relief function




Main Unit

1 pc


Anesthesia Vaporizer

1 pc


Anesthesia breathing circuit

2 set


Air hag

3 pcs

Large, Medium, Small size

Oxygen decompression meter

1 pc


Pressure resistant air pipe

1 pc


Endotracheal intubation

1 set

3.0 - 7.5#

Soda lime

2 boxes

500g / box

Animal laryngoscope

1 set

3pcs / set

Exhaust gas discharge line

1 set


User manual

1 pc



1 pc


 Main unit 1 pc
 Anesthesia vaporizer1 pc 
 Anesthesia breathing circuit2 sets
 Air bag3 pcs 
 Pressure resistant air pipe1 pc
 Oxygen decompression meter1 pc
 Endotracheal intubation1 set
 Soda lime2 bones
 Animal Laryngoscope1 set
 Exhaust gas discharge line1 set 
 User Manual1 pc 
 Certification 1 pc

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