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Evenflo Advanced Electric Single Breast Pump, #2342

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Evenflo Advanced Electric Single Breast Pump, #2342
Part Number: 2342
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Evenflo's Advanced Single Electric Breast Pump is designed with our Perfectly Pure closed system, which prevents milk backup and provides easy cleaning.

This breast pump includes 2 flange sizes and is compatible with Evenflo's Advanced Fit flange system, which has 6 different sizes available.

Enjoy slouch-free pumping with our Perfect Position flange angle, and easy fingertip control for quick on/off and customizable vacuum.

Super compact, lightweight, one-hand design is perfect for pumping on the go or a night out away from the baby.

The Advanced Single Electric Pump can be powered by the provided AC adapter or 3 AA brand name batteries (batteries not included).

This breast pump works with the Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters, allowing you to store milk faster and reduce milk loss when transferring from the collection bottle to a storage bag.

It is Evenflo's goal to not only to provide Mom with dependable, quality products, but also ensure she has the resources she needs to have a positive and successful breastfeeding and pumping experience. To reach this goal, Evenflo is excited to include comprehensive breastfeeding education with the purchase of each pump.

Developed by our partner, Breastfeeding Expert Shari Criso (IBCLC, CNM, RN), Simply Breastfeeding is a practical and proven program that has helped thousands of Moms successfully breastfeed. 

This breast pump kit includes: 

Electric Breast Pump
5 fl. oz. Milk Collection Bottle
Cap Ring
Sealing Disc
30.5mm Flange Kit
24.5mm Soft Flange Insert
AC Adapter
Instructions to Access Simply Breastfeeding Program and Instructions for Use

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