Medistrom 50W Solar Charging Panel for Pilot-24 Lite Battery Pack

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Medistrom 50W Solar Charging Panel for Pilot-24 Lite Battery Pack
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Traveling off the grid and need to charge your Pilot-24 LITE battery pack? Go solar with our new charging grid.

  • 50W Solar Panel for Pilot-24 Lite Backup Power Supplies & CPAP Batteries.
  • Charge time will vary based on weather and amount of available sunlight.
  • Please make sure to place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight for optimal charge times.
  • To be used only for charging, not intended to be used in the backup power supply configuration. 


  • Output: 50W
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year

CAUTION! Make sure the battery is NOT connected to a PAP device while charging via solar panel!

About Medistrom

Medistrom is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Battery and Backup Power Supply Technology for Electronics and PAP Devices. Our modern technology used in preserving power is a product of revolutionary innovations and discoveries made by the world's top engineers. Medistrom produces the best quality backup power supply that performs up to the top standards and provides the highest reliability. Medistrom's state of the art technology is used to ensure that the power supply to medical devices is never interrupted, even if the mains power supply is down.

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