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The Shaklee Difference - Safe, Proven, & 100% Guaranteed Since 1956!

Shaklee Guarantee

Shaklee is Safe Safe

Our products undergo a screening process that surpasses even the standards of the United States Pharmacopeia.

Shaklee is Proven Proven

Our products are backed by 71 patents and patents-pending, and over 120 published scientific papers and presentations.

Shaklee is Guaranteed Guaranteed

We stand behind our products with a 100% money-back guarantee - no questions asked.

Safe for you & safe for our planet!

Above & beyond: We screen for over 350 contaminants, pesticides and impurities on every botanical ingredient.

Quality testing: We conduct over 100,000 quality tests a year to make sure that our products are safe for you and your family.

Certified Climate Neutral: Shaklee was the first company in the world to be certified Climate Neutral.

Proven by Science

The Landmark Study, conducted in collaboration with the University of California at Berkeley, is the first study of long-term users of multiple supplements.

Lower Cholesterol with Shaklee     Lower Triglycerides with Shaklee     Lower Homocysteine with Shaklee     Lower C-Reactive Protein with Shaklee

The Landmark Study: People who use Shaklee supplements had double-digit better biomarkers of heart, brain, and cognitive health vs. those who used no supplements or another multivitamin.

Over 120 publishings: Our products are backed by more than 120 published scientific papers and presentations that show they make a difference in your health.

Patented Products: Shaklee products have 71 patents and patents-pending.

Proven by People:

Mt. Everest Climb
Shaklee nutrition helps power the first American ascent up Mt. Everest without supplemental oxygen.
Mount Everest 

Human Powered Flight
Kanellos Kanellopoulos sets the world record for human powered flight with the help of Shaklee products.
Human Powered Flight

North Pole Dog Team
Will Steger leads the first unsupported trip by dog-team to the North Pole while using Shaklee products.
North Pole Dog Team

Jacques Cousteau
Shaklee products on research vessels: Calypso and Alcyone.
Jacques Cousteau

The first nonstop flight around the world was powered by Shaklee nutrition.
1st non-stop flight with Shaklee products

Shaklee develops and supplies NASA with a customized rehydration beverage for astronauts, still used today.
Shaklee products used by NASA

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