SonoMaxx MX300 Advanced Handheld Touch Ultrasound Scanner

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SonoMaxx MX300 Advanced Handheld Touch Ultrasound Scanner
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SonoMaxx MX300 Advanced Handheld Touch Ultrasound Scanner

Transducers: Linear, Convex, Endocavity

SonoMaxx MX300 Touch is a handheld visualization tool developed to provide physicians with imaging capabilities at the point of care, while being used in many clinical, hospital or practice settings and can easily be taken from room to room.

Patient safety, clinician efficiency . . . it’s that simple


The MX Portable Ultrasound System can improve the rate of successful vessel cannulation by direct visualization as compared to the traditional use of landmarks.

A recent study shows that with ultrasound guidance, the rate of successful bedside insertions increased to more than 90% compared to a 73% success rate without ultrasound guidance.

By visibly displaying vessels and nerves, the risk of unintentional arterial and nerve puncture is reduced.

Clear identification of arteries and veins helps the clinician avoid accessing sites that are compromised by problems such as vascular thrombosis or stenosis and ultimately leads to better evaluation of appropriate catheter French size selection.


By providing a clear view of anatomical structures, the chance of a successful first-attempt insertion increases.

Arteries, veins, and vein condition can be quickly and accurately identified.

Veins that were neither visible nor palpable without the use of ultrasound can be located with the MX.

A recent study of ultrasound use at the bedside demonstrated an increase in clinician efficiency and an 80% decrease in waiting time for PICC placements.

Application scenarios: Primary care physicians, women's health, those specializing in critical care.

The first 7-inch size Touch Handheld Ultrasound Scanner Systems in China, easy using like the mobile phone. Features a 7-inch high definition touch LCD screen delivering excellent contrast resolution, image clarity and vibrant color in any lighting condition, in turn, makes operating the ultrasound system smartly efficient.

Simple Touch To Save Time

In touch with veterinary, MX300 small size, great imaging. MX300’s touch-screen is highly durable and helps to improve work efficiency, also important imaging parameters can be automatically optimized with the touch of a button, maximizing the efficiency of diagnosis workflow.

Application of Ultrasonography in prehospital environment and midwives

The MX300 system permits early diagnostic assessment in the emergent situation and demonstrates signal flat potential in the pre-hospital environment. It could help to look for free fluid and ensure that major trauma patients made it into surgery faster, with more information on their injuries available sooner.

The system enables midwives limited ultrasound training to quickly learn to operate and to effectively diagnose high-risk obstetrical conditions such as multiple gestations, breech presentation, and placenta previa. The indigenous midwives can use it to diagnose potential complications and subsequently refer women with high-risk conditions to appropriate medical facilities for delivery.

Advantages At A Glance

  • Superior image quality
  • 7" high resolution, anti-glare touch-screen
  • Built-in 4+ hour battery
  • Cine loop 512 frames
  • Peripheral Ports: USB, TV-OUT
  • Scanning depth up to 300mm
  • Multi-Beam Imaging
  • Formation technology
  • Light Weight Design to reduce hand strain
  • Save over 1000 Images
  • Image Chipboard and USB Flash Drive Support: Image chipboard for thumbnail view, use USB 2.0 to transmit the images and cine loops to your computer
  • Image export via USB/SD supported

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